The Little Cheshire Gallery
A tiny art gallery with a lot of love for art and local artists


Bespoke Projects and Commissions

Despite its “little” size, The Little Cheshire Gallery holds a diverse range of art, with a growing number of impressive artists and an extensive range of paintings and limited editions available to view on our database. The artwork hanging on our walls is in fact just a small selection of the art we can source for clients.

If you are looking for a piece of art to suit a particular space we may be able to suggest artists, source artwork or commission a truly bespoke painting.

Art Consultations

Art consultations and bespoke projects
If you’re not sure where to start when looking for a piece of art you are welcome to visit the gallery and to discuss what you love, what you dislike and start to develop your own idea of your tastes and interests. We’ll then be able suggest artists and artwork that may suit you. Sometimes it may take weeks to find a good match and there’s no pressure to decide in a rush.


Home approvals - Decide in situ
Purchasing a piece of art is an immensely special occasion. Your artwork is likely to be one of the of the only material goods that will last your lifetime and we understand you need to be absolutely sure you are choosing the right piece. We offer home visits with a number of pieces of art so you can choose which works best in your home.

Pet and Horse portraits

Commissions of pets, houses, horses and more!
Whether a gift for friends, family or a treat for yourself, commissioned paintings of treasured subjects are a wonderful way to celebrate your loved ones or special occasions such as moving home or getting married.
Many of our artists are willing to commission paintings in a wide range of subjects, styles and sizes. We’d love to hear your ideas!