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A Retrospective - Golda Rose at The Little Cheshire Gallery

If you missed the recent Golda Rose (1921 - 2016) exhibition at The Didsbury Parsonage do come to see some of the highlights, featured in The Little Cheshire Gallery, 4, Cocoa Yard, Nantwich, over the next few weeks. A painter, sculptor and poet inspired by her natural surroundings, Golda used her unique creative power to inspire and help those around her to find well-being and a true sense of self through art. 

Golda Rose Acrylic Painting

Golda’s style was inspired after she saw an exhibition of William Blake in London in 1964, going on to paint and write poetry on her ideas of the spiritual journey and the transformative power of nature. Having studied at Manchester School of Art, Golda went on to practice and teach in Cheshire, becoming a pioneer of art therapy in the North West. She was the first art therapist to work at Cheadle Royal Hospital and the first person to set up and teach an art therapy course at Trafford College. Through painting, sculpture, poetry and the study of philosophical and spiritual teachings she initiated a life-long process of self discovery and self-development. 

Golda Rose Art

Golda’s sculptures were shown in Knutsford at the Pitcairn Gallery in 1984 and Tatton Park in 1989 as part of the “Capability Contemporary” exhibition. Her last exhibition “The phenomena of Growth” took place in Macclesfield in 2015, celebrating the artist’s lifetime of work. Golda said the underlying theme, idea and motivation is nature, adding: “I am more interested in nature than in people and desire to portray in paint a theology of the oneness of the natural, the human and the spirit, of the presence of the divine in the whole aspect of nature.”

The recent retrospective at Didsbury Parsonage celebrated what Golda herself described as “a full and rounded life,” a life lived serving and inspiring others to create and achieve a sense of well-being and self-fulfilment. 

The Little Cheshire Gallery is honoured to exhibit one of Golda's oldest available pieces, The Vision, painted in 1967, amongst other works of varying subject and size. The creative spirit is often depicted in her paintings as a dove or a guardian angel, with her lyrically emotional aesthetic likened to the work of Chagall by art critics and curators.

With many thanks to the estate of Golda Rose and Claire McCaslin, Cheshire Art Adviser and Director at McCaslin Art Advisory for making this retrospective possible. 

To view the works and find out more about Golda Rose please visit The Little Cheshire Gallery, no appointment is necessary.